VCbutler closed down!

Dear entrepreneur, Investor

We are usually a pretty optimistic people and advocate for starting and shipping things. However, in this message, we would like to surface a topic that isn’t talked about much: shutting down a concept.

Let’s roll back. VCbutler was founded by myself and co-founder, with the goal to ease up introductions to investors & opportunities and give entrepreneurs full control over their online fundraising. An ambitious goal and already soon we received a lot of positive response.

Over the past years, my co-founder and I have started separate companies. I decided to turn the technical (software & hardware) audits into a full service agency and my co-founder started a service to support startups to gain access to governmental subsidies such as WBSO / Innovatiebox and international events management (Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019).

Last year each of our companies started to take off, and at the end of the year, we had the conversation around shutting VCbutler down. It was a bittersweet conversation but we knew the time had come. Even though VCbutler as a product was relatively low maintenance, it was on our mind and still wasn’t finished. This side-project accelerating rapidly, was the best thing that happened to us but kept us busy as the matching remained in beta mode. The only way to free ourselves from those thoughts was to shut it down. We wanted to recoup that mental energy and focus it on our new companies.

Many of whom we talked to, are sad to see us closing down. It is nice to know that we had added value to their businesses, but we need to be honest and do it right or not at all!

We couldn’t have done this, without the great support of promotion partners and many ambassadors who shared the love. From the bottom of our hart, thank you!

That’s all folks,
Team VCbutler